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Handmade flamenco guitars

Your 100% hand-made guitars made in Spain by artesans

Flamenco in Sevilla

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Flamenco in Sevilla

About us and our handmade flamenco guitars

Cadizsound is a Spanish music shop dedicated to the production and commercialization of handmade flamenco guitars. The shop is located in the center of Cádiz, Andalusia.  They also sell a variety of accessories, such as strings, cases, and picks. In addition to selling guitars, Cadizsound offers guitar lessons, repairs, and customizations.

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FAQs about our handmade flamenco guitars

Our handmade flamenco guitars stand out due to a unique combination of meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and exceptional attention to detail. Each guitar is carefully crafted by skilled artisans who have honed their skills over generations, following traditional techniques that highlight the authenticity and character of each instrument.

When it comes to materials, we select only the finest woods, such as spruce, cedar, and cypress, which have been carefully seasoned and cured to ensure optimal resonance and long-term stability. Additionally, our inlays and finishes are executed with precision and mastery, adding a touch of elegance and personality to each guitar.

What truly sets our guitars apart is the meticulousness with which every detail is treated. From wood selection to final sanding, each step of the manufacturing process is carried out with extreme care to guarantee outstanding quality and performance of each instrument. This translates into a distinctive and captivating sound that resonates with the passion and tradition of flamenco, making our guitars the preferred choice of discerning musicians worldwide.

Crafting our guitars by hand involves a time-honored process that showcases the expertise and dedication of our artisans. Here’s an overview of the traditional techniques and processes involved:

  1. Wood Selection: Our artisans begin by carefully selecting the finest woods for each component of the guitar. This includes premium spruce or cedar for the soundboard, cypress for the back and sides, and mahogany or cedar for the neck.

  2. Bracing: Traditional fan bracing or lattice bracing is meticulously crafted and placed inside the guitar body to support the soundboard and optimize resonance. The bracing pattern is carefully chosen to enhance the unique sound characteristics desired in a flamenco guitar, such as brightness, projection, and percussive attack.

  3. Construction: The guitar body is constructed using traditional methods, such as the Spanish heel joint, where the neck is seamlessly integrated into the body without the use of bolts or screws. This enhances the stability and resonance of the instrument.

  4. Carving and Shaping: Skilled artisans meticulously carve and shape the guitar neck and headstock by hand, ensuring optimal playability and aesthetics. They pay close attention to details such as neck profile, fretboard radius, and headstock design to meet the specifications of each guitar model.

  5. Inlays and Decorations: Artisans may incorporate intricate inlays, rosettes, and decorative elements onto the guitar body and headstock, showcasing their artistic flair and attention to detail. These embellishments add to the visual appeal of the instrument while maintaining the integrity of its sound.

  6. Finishing: The guitar is carefully sanded, sealed, and finished by hand to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and protect it from the elements. Multiple coats of high-quality lacquer or French polish are applied, with each layer meticulously buffed and polished to a mirror-like shine.

  7. Setup and Adjustment: Before leaving the workshop, each guitar undergoes meticulous setup and adjustment to ensure optimal playability and performance. This includes adjusting the action, nut and saddle height, intonation, and fret leveling to meet the preferences of the player.

By adhering to these traditional techniques and processes, our artisans create flamenco guitars of unparalleled quality, character, and sound, embodying the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Spanish guitar-making tradition.

Discuss the types of woods, such as spruce, cedar, and cypress, and how they contribute to the sound and aesthetics of your guitars.

  1. Spruce (Picea spp.):

    • Sound Characteristics: Spruce is prized for its excellent tonal properties, offering a clear, bright, and articulate sound with a strong projection. It produces a crisp attack and quick response, ideal for the percussive playing style of flamenco music.
    • Aesthetics: Spruce typically features a straight, even grain pattern and a light color, which enhances the natural beauty of the guitar. It can be left unfinished to showcase its raw appearance or finished with a transparent or tinted lacquer to accentuate its grain and color.
  2. Cedar (Cedrela spp. or Cedrus spp.):

    • Sound Characteristics: Cedar is known for its warm, rich, and mellow sound with a quick response and strong midrange presence. It produces a slightly softer attack compared to spruce, lending itself well to the expressive nuances of flamenco music.
    • Aesthetics: Cedar often exhibits a reddish-brown hue and may feature darker streaks or knots, adding character and visual interest to the guitar. Its warm coloration complements the passionate and emotive nature of flamenco music, creating a visually striking instrument.
  3. Cypress (Cupressus spp.):

    • Sound Characteristics: Cypress is a traditional choice for the back and sides of flamenco guitars, prized for its bright, percussive, and focused sound. It offers a quick response and strong projection, contributing to the characteristic «dry» and articulate sound sought after in flamenco music.
    • Aesthetics: Cypress typically has a pale yellow to light brown coloration and may feature subtle variations in grain pattern. Its lightweight and visually striking appearance make it a popular choice for flamenco guitars, accentuating the instrument’s traditional aesthetic and cultural heritage.
  4. Mahogany (Swietenia spp.):

    • Sound Characteristics: Mahogany is valued for its warm, balanced, and resonant sound, with a strong emphasis on the midrange frequencies. While less commonly used in flamenco guitars compared to spruce or cedar, mahogany can provide a mellow and nuanced tone suited to certain playing styles and preferences.
    • Aesthetics: Mahogany typically features a reddish-brown hue with a straight or interlocking grain pattern. Its rich color and smooth texture lend a classic and understated elegance to the guitar, appealing to players who appreciate traditional aesthetics with a modern twist.

By carefully selecting and pairing different woods for the soundboard, back, and sides, we can tailor the tonal characteristics and aesthetic qualities of each guitar to meet the unique preferences of flamenco players, ensuring a truly exceptional playing experience and visual appeal.

Flamenco players seek a guitar sound that is bright, percussive, and highly responsive, qualities that are essential to the passionate and rhythmic style of flamenco music. Our guitars are meticulously crafted to deliver on these exact characteristics, providing musicians with an instrument that truly embodies the essence of flamenco.

Bright Sound

Flamenco music demands a guitar with a bright, crisp sound that can cut through the energetic and dynamic rhythms typical of the genre. The brightness of our guitars comes from carefully selected tonewoods and precise construction techniques. The soundboards are often made from European spruce or cedar, known for their ability to produce clear, resonant, and articulate tones. This brightness ensures that every note rings out clearly, making intricate fingerpicking and rapid strumming passages shine with clarity.

Percussive Quality

The percussive element is crucial in flamenco, where the guitar often mimics the sounds of hand claps and foot stomps. Our guitars are designed to have a punchy, powerful attack, allowing players to produce sharp, staccato notes that punctuate the music with rhythmic precision. The low action setup, along with a slightly thinner soundboard, facilitates fast, aggressive strumming and tapping techniques, essential for executing the rasgueados and golpes that define flamenco playing. This percussive quality gives the guitar a lively and dynamic presence, making it an integral part of the flamenco ensemble.

Responsive Nature

A responsive guitar reacts immediately to the player’s touch, translating subtle finger movements and dynamic variations into sound with minimal effort. Our flamenco guitars are built with a lightweight, agile construction that enhances their responsiveness. The neck is designed for optimal playability, allowing for quick shifts and precise finger placement. This responsiveness means that whether a player is performing delicate fingerpicking patterns or intense strumming sequences, the guitar faithfully translates their intentions into vibrant, expressive music.

Delivering the Flamenco Experience

Our guitars are the result of a deep understanding of flamenco music and the needs of flamenco musicians. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations, we create instruments that not only meet but exceed the expectations of flamenco players. Each guitar is a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for the art of flamenco.

  1. Hand-Selected Woods: Every piece of wood is chosen for its tonal properties, ensuring a bright, resonant sound.
  2. Expert Craftsmanship: Skilled luthiers use time-honored techniques to build guitars that are both beautiful and functional.
  3. Precision Setup: Each guitar is meticulously set up to provide low action and perfect intonation, crucial for flamenco’s fast-paced playing style.
  4. Enhanced Playability: Lightweight and ergonomically designed, our guitars allow for effortless playing, making them ideal for both professionals and aspiring musicians.

In conclusion, our guitars deliver the bright, percussive, and responsive sound that flamenco players seek, providing an instrument that not only supports but enhances their musical expression. With our guitars, musicians can fully explore the rich, emotive world of flamenco, bringing their performances to life with unparalleled clarity and power.

Explain whether customers can request specific features, such as custom inlays, finishes, or neck profiles, to tailor the guitar to their preferences.

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