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If you are looking for handmade guitars that give you a unique and authentic sound, handmade flamenco guitars are the perfect choice for you. In our shop, we offer a wide selection of handmade guitars made by the best luthiers in the market, each one of them with its own personality and sound.

Why choose a handmade flamenco guitar? These guitars are unique, as each one is handmade with high quality materials and meticulous care. The luthiers who build them put all their talent and passion into every detail, from the selection of the wood to the way the guitar is polished. In addition, handcrafted flamenco guitars are specifically designed to produce the warm, deep sound that flamenco is known for, which means you won’t find a sound like it in any other guitar.

In our shop, we offer a wide variety of handcrafted flamenco guitars to suit all tastes and budgets. From more affordable models to high-end guitars for professional musicians, we have a wide variety of options for you to find the perfect guitar for you. What’s more, our team is made up of experts in the field of music and will be happy to help you find the guitar that best suits your needs and abilities.

If you are a music lover, don’t miss the opportunity to own a unique and authentic guitar that will become your musical companion for many years to come. Handcrafted flamenco guitars are an investment that will give you an unequalled sound and a quality that will accompany you throughout your musical life. Don’t wait any longer and come to our shop to choose your handmade flamenco guitar, we are waiting for you with open arms!

FAQ about our handmade guitars

Do you have any other questions about our handmade guitars? Email me at info@cadizsound.com

Yes, all our guitars are handcrafted by professionals with years of experience. All the guitars we have in our store are 100% handmade and have been carefully crafted by skilled luthiers. We use only the finest materials, including carefully selected woods and high-quality components, to ensure that our guitars have both exceptional tone and playability. Each guitar is unique and represents the dedication and expertise of the luthier who crafted it. We take pride in offering our customers the best handmade guitars available.

All our craftsmen are professional and reputed manufacturers of handmade flamenco guitars. Our guitars are made by expert luthiers, who are craftsmen specialised in the construction and repair of stringed instruments. The luthiers are highly skilled and have a great passion for their work, which is reflected in every detail of the guitars they build. Every guitar that leaves our workshop is the result of hours of painstaking work and attention to detail by our team of luthiers. As a result, our guitars are high quality instruments that offer exceptional tone and a great playing feel. We know that our customers appreciate craftsmanship and quality, which is why we work with expert luthiers to deliver guitars that exceed their expectations.

Yes, all guitars are professional flamenco guitars. Yes, all the guitars we offer in our store are specifically designed and crafted for flamenco music. We are passionate about flamenco culture and music, and our selection of guitars reflects this. Our flamenco guitars are handmade by expert luthiers who have years of experience in crafting instruments that are specifically designed to produce the unique sound and tonal qualities required for flamenco music. We use only the finest materials, including high-quality woods and components, to ensure that our flamenco guitars meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance. Whether you are a beginner or a professional flamenco guitarist, our guitars will provide the perfect balance of power, projection, and response needed for this exciting and dynamic genre of music.

  • Construction: Flamenco guitars are typically made with a thinner top, back, and sides than classical guitars, which gives them a brighter, more percussive sound. They often have a shallower body depth and a lower string action, which makes them easier to play fast passages and intricate rhythms.
  • Sound: Flamenco guitars produce a sharp, percussive sound with a lot of treble and midrange frequencies. This is due to the use of cypress wood for the back and sides and a spruce or cedar top, which provides a fast response and quick decay. Classical guitars, on the other hand, have a more mellow and balanced sound, with a greater emphasis on bass and midrange frequencies. They are typically made with rosewood or mahogany for the back and sides and a cedar or spruce top.
  • Playing technique: Flamenco guitarists use a different playing technique than classical guitarists. Flamenco players often use a more aggressive right-hand technique, including a technique called «rasgueado» that involves strumming the strings with the fingers in a rhythmic pattern. They also use a technique called «picado» that involves playing fast single-note runs with the fingers. Classical guitarists typically use a more controlled right-hand technique, focusing on individual notes and using techniques like «tremolo» and «arpeggio» to create a flowing, melodic sound.

Overall, while both types of guitar share some similarities, they are distinct instruments with unique sounds and playing techniques.

Learning to play flamenco guitar can be a challenging and rewarding experience, and there are several steps you can take to get started:

  1. Listen to flamenco music: Start by listening to a lot of flamenco music to familiarize yourself with the rhythms, chord progressions, and overall sound. This will help you develop a sense of what flamenco music should sound like, which will be valuable as you begin to learn to play.

  2. Learn the basic techniques: Flamenco guitar requires a unique set of techniques that are different from those used in classical guitar. These include techniques such as rasgueado, picado, and tremolo. Find a good flamenco guitar teacher or online courses to get started.

  3. Focus on rhythm: Rhythm is a central component of flamenco music, and developing a strong sense of rhythm is essential to becoming a good flamenco guitarist. Practice playing along with recorded music, and work on keeping a steady beat and playing in time with the music.

  4. Practice regularly: Consistent practice is key to improving your skills as a flamenco guitarist. Set aside a regular practice time each day, and work on developing your technique, playing along with recorded music, and learning new pieces.

  5. Study with a flamenco teacher: Consider studying with a flamenco guitar teacher to get personalized instruction and feedback on your playing. A good teacher can help you develop your technique, introduce you to new styles of flamenco music, and provide valuable guidance and support as you work to improve your playing.

  6. Join a flamenco community: Consider joining a flamenco community in your area or online. This can be a great way to meet other flamenco musicians, attend concerts and workshops, and get support and feedback as you work to improve your playing.

Yes, all our guitars are shipped worldwide, so you will have no problem receiving your 100% handmade flamenco guitar. Yes, we offer worldwide shipping for our guitars. We want to make it easy for musicians around the world to have access to our high-quality instruments, regardless of their location. Our shipping rates and policies may vary depending on the destination country, so we encourage customers to contact us directly for a quote and to confirm the shipping details for their specific location. Please note that international shipping may be subject to additional fees and customs charges, which are the responsibility of the recipient. We take great care in packaging our guitars to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely and in excellent condition. If you have any questions about our shipping policies or procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In other musical instrument shops, they only sell guitars made by brands, so there is a limit to the quality. Our guitars, however, are 100% handmade.

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Client Testimonials who bought our Spanish handmade guitars

Cadizsound was the answer about all my problems in order to find a music store that sell a specific type of guitar in a good price and with a great service too. I've purchased a guitar from this store, and I'm very satisfied with it.
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Arturo Jiménez
It was difficult to find music shops specialised in Spanish music instruments. However, I was able to find a few websites that sold these types of instruments and I loved so much Cadizsound. Cadizsound is an online store that sells a wide variety of Spanish music instruments. I was really impressed with the variety of instruments they had to offer. I would definitely recommend Cadizsound to anyone who is interested in learning to play Spanish music.
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Jose Gutiérrez
There are many music shops, but it has to be admitted that not many are able to offer handmade Spanish guitars. In Cadizsound, I could find a wide range of handmade guitars and with very competitive prices. I would like to highlight the kindness and professionalism of the owner of the store, who helped me choose the guitar that best suited my needs. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who is looking for a guitar, and indeed, is already planning to buy a mandolin soon.
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Josefina Gómez

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